Yaemon is an elderly tank engine who works on the Crotoonian Seaside Railway.


An older, much more experienced engine, Yaemon tends to be grumpy, but has a heart of gold! He always works up and down the seaside branch in perfect time, and always tries to give as much advice as he can to the younger workers on the seaside team. He works alongside Oliver, Duck, and Hoot & Toot on the Eastern/Western Seaside Lines.

Technical Details


Yaeomon is based on JGR Class 150 which serviced a Japanese railway between Shinbashi and Yokohama stations since 14th October 1872. It is currently on display at the Transportation Museum in Tokyo where it has been since 18th April 1997.


Yaemon has a dark green livery with a red, bufferless bufferbeam and a tall bright yellow dome.



  • Yaeomon originated from the Japanese book 'Yaemon the Locomotive'.
    • Unlike in the original book, Yaemon was completely grey save for his dome which stayed yellow.
  • Meg's Headliner might be the last episode to use Yaemon's current model, as a new one has been made during the episode's production.

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