Wilson is an American diesel-electric engine from Chuggington. He will appear later in Season 1.


Wilson is a lively, enthusiastic locomotive and loves to have fun with his friends Brewster and Koko. He may be always up to try something new but he isn't very good at paying attention to instructions, this of course can lead him to trouble. He has a pretty short attention span too as he can lose focus from something as small as a butterfly. Wilson sometimes gets frustrated that he's not as strong as Brewster or as fast as Koko, but he just doesn't fully understand his own special talents yet. Nevertheless he has learnt from the mistakes he made and in spite of his attention span he still tries his best to be the best.After proving himself capable in rescue operations, he received advanced training and (after setting an excellent example with Chug Patrol) even joined the Crotoonian Fire and Rescue Squad where he now works as an emergency response locomotive along with Flynn, Asher, Jackman, Calley and Belle.

Technical Details


Wilson is an EMD F-Unit. Big Tim is also another member of this class.


Wilson is painted red with white frame-like linings, blue lining, and bluish-turquoise wheel-trucks.


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