Willie is a large tank engine that appeared in earlier plans for Crotoonia.


Alongside another scrapped character, Brianne, he would've run Cliffstone Centre Quarry as the heavy goods locomotive for the company.

While he was scrapped early on (losing his model assets to a lost set of USB drives in 2014), he was one of the distinct first attempts at building an original character; albeit, a crud one, only using a body built in Sketchup placed atop a Dream Fleet loco's chassis.

Technical Details


Willie is of a freelance design. He is not based on a specific prototype however his shape resembles a Hunslet Austerity 0-6-0ST.


Willie is dark blue with yellow lettering and a red running board.


  • He was only featured in the 'Roll Along' music video which was uploaded before any and all other footage was lost.
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