Wartime is a war veteren engine from Germany.


A rough and tough steamer who worked for the Germans in WWII, Wartime is an engine with many stories to tell....if he wanted to tell them. Wartime doesn't usually feel like sharing his tales in the war with other engines, and just prefers keeping busy on the railway. He's one of the strongest in Crotoonia, able to haul dozens with wagons with ease. He does come off as unintentionally intimidating, being a considerably larger engine than the Crotoonians are used to, but he does enjoy a good chat or two. 

Technical Details


Wartime is based on the Deutsche Reichsbahn 52. This class was built in large amounts in WWII, in fact it was the most common class of war locomotives.


Like most German built engines, Wartime is black with bright red wheels and buffer beam. He has yellow lettering.

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