Tyne is a member of the Chuggineers.


Working with ZackFletch and Brewster on the Crotoonian Construction Company, Tyne is the demolitions expert of the "Chuggineers" team! Tyne is always thrilled with the excitement of her specialty work, whether it's working with cranes or other machines to tear down old buildings, structures, and track, or helping deliver dynamite to blow it up in style! She may lock couplers with laidback Fletch every now and again, but the two are genuine friends who look out for each other, and work hard to get work done!

Technical Details


Tyne is based on a hybrid cross of a Union Pacific Veranda GTEL and a Baldwin DR-6-4-1500.



Tyne is painted orange with white stripes, red base, and an orange caution stripe between two big white caution stripes.


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