The Troublesome Trucks, or Foolish Freight Cars, are very cheeky rolling stock from The Island of Sodor.


These trucks are some of the few types of rolling stock on Crotoonia United Rail that have faces. Any Sodor engine will tell you that trucks are silly and noisy. When an engine gets on their bad side, may it be by treating them roughly or just being a stuck up engine, they are known to cause trouble. Their usual tricks range from holding an engine back to forcing an engine down a hill and sending them flying off the rails. Few engines can actually control them such as Edward, Speedy and Salty. They also love a good sing-along, in fact one of the reasons Salty is able to control them is because they all enjoy a good sea shantee. When they're not causing train wrecks or delaying a train, they can be seen sitting in the yards singing rude songs to the other engines.



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