Trevor is a dark green traction engine from The Island of Sodor.


Trevor is a traction engine who sometimes visits Crotoonia. Whether on Sodor or Crotoonia, he gets along with everyone having being one of the friendliest traction engines you could meet. He enjoys basking in the sunshine or dozing in his shed, but easily grows bored and unhappy if he does not have much company or enough work to do. Whenever he's not sawing logs or taking apples from the orchard to the townsfolk, he is seen at county fairs giving children rides.

Technical Details


Trevor is based on a William Foster & Co. eight-ton traction engine built in 1927 named 'Fiery Elias' that was owned by the Rev. W. Awdry's friend, the Rev. Teddy Boston. Boston's widow, Audrey, still owns 'Fiery Elias'.

Unlike his basis, however, Trevor is depicted with a belly-tank under his boiler.


Trevor is painted dark green with red lining and wheels, a black smokebox and gold boiler bands.


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