Trench is a blue mini digger who made his first appearance in The Railways of Crotoonia's first storybook, Rishaira, Grace, and the Big Branch Build.


Trench is a young mini digger, the smallest digger you'll ever find on the whole of Crotoonia! He's owned by the Chipperton and Swahilli Railway and is used to clear up and construct things around the busy mini railway. Trench is a dependable friend, who uses all the spark in his motor to help his friends in need! He is especially good friends with Rishaira and Grace, who he often works with on jobs near the line.

Technical Details


Trench is of a freelance design. He was mainly based on the designs of CAT mini excavators, although he is built with an open cab rather than a closed one.


Trench is almost entirely painted blue, sans for his chassis and wheels, which are gray, and wears a yellow construction hat.


  • Trench is the first, and so far only, character to be introduced in a book.
    • He is planned to appear in future videos.
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