Tracy the Harbour Engine is the fourth episode of The Railways of Crotoonia.


Tracy is sent to work at the Gridinian Docks when a huge shipment from Europe is sent over. But her over eagerness and desire to pull heavier loads lands her into trouble.


Voice Cast


  • The Marine Hym - United States Naval Academy Band ["The harbor down in Gridinia Bay was very busy..."]
  • Good Morning Song - Peter Lurye [Tracy makes her way to the docks]
  • Theme Unknown [Tracy almost runs into Cerberus and Diesel 10]
  • Bob the Builder Theme - Paul K. Joyce [Tracy meets Skip and Trix]
  • Down by the Docks - Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell (Covered by Lachie Vincent and Izzy Gee) [Tracy and co. get to work at the docks]
  • Don't Drop Inn (Track name uncertain) - Van Dyke Parks and Lennie Niehaus [Cerberus, Diesel 10, and Diesel come up with a plan]
  • Theme Unknown [Tracy takes "her" special]
  • Runaway Theme - Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell ["Runaway Train! Runaway Train!"]
  • Theme Unknown ["A little bit happened while she waited..."]
  • Theme Unknown ["Ten Cents should try out for the baseball team with his catching skills."]
  • The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss Theme - Steve Klapper, Hal J. Cohen, and David Steven Cohen [Credits]


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  • The "Work, Work, Work" montage was originally animated and edited with David Benoit's rendition of the Peanuts' specials iconic "Linus and Lucy" theme. However, due to copyright claiming preventing it from being featured, it has been reworked to a sing-along of "Down by the Docks"; the original version was posted to Twitter as a preview for the episode.
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