Tracy is a small shunting engine based at Cliffstone Junction.


Tracy is the youngest of the True Blue Steam Team, who joined Crotoonia when her owners, the Dream Fleet Rail Co., chose to expand their operations into Crotoonia, having served them from the neighboring United States for a good few years. Like Tillie, she's a determined engine, but since she's still rather young, her innocent ways and naive nature can get her into trouble when trying to tackle larger jobs! However, she makes up for it for her dedication, hard work, determination, and cheerful enthusiasm. She frequently travels with Patrick the Caboose on her mail runs, where she runs from the Crotoonian Mail Depot all the way down the main line, servicing the smaller towns along it.

Technical Details


Tracy appears to be a freelance design with no specific basis. It is possible she loosely resembles Pioneer, a 4-2-0 locomotive for the Chicago and North Western Railway.


Tracy's boiler, cab and drive wheels are painted blue whilst her leading wheels are painted red and she is trimmed in gold.



  • Tracy originated from the 2011 adaptation of 'The Little Engine that Could'.
  • In Casey Jr's Mail Run, it's revealed that she has an electrically heated boiler, explaining her lack of a bunker or tender when operating.
  • Soeren Hermansen was responsible for naming Tracy. In the original movie, she was just referred to as 'Little Engine'.
  • There were two versions of Tracy's model which were used throughout the series. In Tracy's Heavy Haul, Tracy's first model was used.
    • The first piece of Crotoonia media to use the new model was Casey Jr's Mail Run.
    • Tracy's new model had a movable boiler and animated eyelids.

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