Tootle is a young tender engine who lives at Wedgeton Airfield on Thomas' Crotoonian Branch Line.


A little tender engine working on Thomas' Crotoonian Branch Line, Tootle is young, energetic, a little impatient, and a little inexperienced around the rail yard. He works around the line mainly hauling goods from one end of the branch to the other with his companion Katy Caboose. He likes exploring quite a bit, but is sometimes a little unfocused on his work because of this, often causing him to go down the wrong track...sometimes, even off track! But he's a nice little engine with a well meaning work ethic and an adventurous spirit, and is more than willing to haul what he's given most of the time.

Technical Details


Tootle seems to be of a freelance design and resembles any specific prototype.


Tootle is painted orange with light blue wheels, a, light blue dome, a red cab and a dark blue tender with red lining.



  • Tootle and Katy Caboose originated from the book 'Tootle' from the Little Golden Book' series.

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