Timothy is an oil burning tank engine.


Timothy is a little oil-burning shunting engine based at Cliffstone Centre Quarry...and by little, we do mean little! He's smaller than Bill and Ben, but a bit bigger than Tracy. Timothy is friendly, strong-willed, and as helpful as can be! He is, however, a bit naive and gullible, so is prone to getting tricks played on by Bill and Ben. However, he just passes them off as them playing games, and just gets on with his work. Though he spends most of his time shunting in the yard, he does take on special jobs every now and again, like collecting cars from Baseline Quarry or hauling rock to the Docks for shipping to the Mainland, the US, and beyond!

Technical Details


Timothy is based on an open cab oil burning steam locomotive built by Bell Locomotive Works, Inc. of New York City. These engines, which were built in a variety of gauges, were used throughout the United States, Cuba, Central America, and South America in construction and industrial work, such as clay pits.


Timothy is painted dark blue with red lining and brass fittings. He has "SCC" written on the sides of his water tank in yellow and has gold nameplates with his name written in black on the sides of his oil tank.


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