Tillie to the Rescue is a DVD/VHS release of The Railways of Crotoonia, featuring the series premiere special, Tillie to the Rescue.

An updated version entitled The Railways of Crotoonia Presents: Tillie to the Rescue was released in 2018.


Far off on the American East Coast, there resides a country, flooded with toons and rails...

And now you're about to discover their adventures!

Straight from the hit Youtube shorts, it's The Railways of Crotoonia, starring in their first-ever half-hour special!

Tillie the Little Engine (Blake Hawkins) longs to more than shunt cars and coaches in the busy Kahlville Junction, one of the major stops on the Crotoonia Railways. But when disaster strikes on the railway, ranging from a runaway milk train threatening the junction, to two haughty engines Gordon (Leo Jones) and Farnsworth (Lachie Vincent) derailing the express engine Montana (Dean T. Moody) during a flight of pride, it's up to Tillie, along with her friends Ivor and Calley (Phillipa Alexander), to come to the rescue!

Join Tillie, Thomas, Ariel, and all their new friends in an adventure where just because you're little, it doesn't mean you can't make a difference.

It's full steam ahead for....The Railways of Crotoonia: Tillie To The Rescue!

DVD Bonus Features


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