Thomas is a tank engine that works on both the Island of Sodor and Crotoonia's Inkblotia-Celgreb City Branchline


Thomas is a cheeky, fussy little engine who very often ends up getting into a scrape or two! A hard working, but sometimes mischievous friend, he runs a branch line on his home (the Island of Sodor) and helps run another on Crotoonia, which travels up from Celgreb City to Inkblotia Castle. Even though he may seem like a really cheeky and fussy engine, he's a kind and positive-thinking friend who always tries to put things right.

Technical Details


Thomas is based on an LBSCR E2 Class, more specifically the version with the extended side tanks, these tank engines were built at Brighton Works between 1913-1916 to replace the E1 Class.

They were used for shunting duties and short-distance goods trains in London and on the south coast, and last worked at Southampton Docks. None were preserved.

However in Crotoonia, a replica of his class works at Pinewood Island. Another can be seen in the slag pit at the steelworks.


Thomas is painted blue with red stripes and the number "1" painted in yellow and bordered in red on his side tanks.



  • Thomas has undertaken the most changes since the series entered production, due to constant updates to his model; currently, the series uses Version 8.

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