The Island of Sodor is an island located on the Irish sea (between the Isle of Man and the North West of England) where plenty of engines of Crotoonia's fleet work when they are not needed on Crotoonia. Most standard gauge engines work on the North Western Railway. The Crotoonian Hills Narrow Gauge Railway engines and Victor are from the Skarloey Railway and the Chipperton and Swahilli Railway engines are from the Arlesdale Railway. It is roughly 10 miles northeast of Misty island, with a tunnel connecting them.


North Western Railway

Skarloey Railway

Arlesdale Railway

Non-rail Vehicles



  • The characters from this island as well as Logan and Spencer originated from the Thomas and Friends TV series.
    • Ivo Hugh, however, originated from the book series the aforementioned TV series is based on, The Railway Series. He was a minor character who debuted in volume 40, New Little Engines.

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