The Greendale Rocket is a small tank engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


The Greendale Rocket, known as "G.R." for short, is the headlining engine of the Greendale Light Railway branch line, which runs from Kahlville, through the forests to the small village of Greendale (where the line splits to the Denverville Quarry), all the way to the Gridinia beaches, She is small, but reliable, and always busy running passengers and mail up and down the line, with the help of her driver Ajay. She's an experienced little steamer, never hesitant to get to work, and willing to pass down what she knows about the line down to the much younger Azul, even if she can be a little too willing. She works the Mail Run with Percy, Tracy and Tillie, handling the mail for her line, and the Seaside Branch.


The Greendale Rocket is first seen watching Tillie travel along her line to Gridina Bay where she asked Tillie if she filled up with water before she pulled the train. But she didn't succeed in giving her the full message.

Technical Details


The Greendale Rocket is based upon a LSWR 415 class "Radial Tank" engine, built on March 31st 1885 for hauling goods on the London & South Western Railway. However, the Greendale Rocket is shorter than its basis and lacks outside cylinders.


The Greendale Rocket is painted bright green with yellow lining. She also has a yellow bufferbeam, grey buffers, and a gold dome.


First Used Last Used Whistle
Cold Wheels Preview We Make a Team Together Music Video
Tillie to the Rescue Active


  • The Greendale Rocket, along with Ajay, originated from the British TV series 'Postman Pat'.
  • Postman Pat along with, Ted Glen, and Ajay Bains restored her.
    • In the original series, she isn't alive.

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