The Big Build Marathon was an event held on Friday June 29th, 2018. Running at four hours, it marked the world premieres of a brand-new Thomas - The Trainz Adventures episode, the half-hour Mainland Presents: Railway Escapades special, and Thomas the Building Engine.


  • 5:00pm - Trainz Time With TheGermanOfSodor
  • 5:30pm - Thomas - The Trainz Adventures: "Two Left Buffers (world premiere)/Lazy Dennis"
  • 6:00pm - Enterprising Engines: "Blunderbuss/Snow Problem"
  • 6:30pm - Story Stops with Carson marathon
  • 7:30pm - Mainland's Railway Escapades (World Premiere Special)
  • 8:00pm - Tillie to the Rescue/Casey Jr's Mail Run
  • 9:00pm - Thomas the Building Engine (World Premiere)


  • Technically, the marathon marked several firsts for The MilanToon Channel:
    • The first marathon to feature world premieres outside of the channel.
    • The first to utilize customized screen bugs for each block.
    • The first marathon to exceed the usual two-and-a-half-hour limit.
  • The marathon was originally planned to be entitled The On the Road Marathon (with the lead-up to Thomas the Building Engine being all four preceding Crotoonia's On the Road videos), but was scrapped when the event was cancelled.
  • The marathon branding and bumpers were loosely inspired by The Super Spongey Square Games (a one-hour SpongeBob Squarepants premiere event) and The Lost Eds' Marathon (a marathon leading up to a "lost" episode of Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy).
  • This is the highest viewed marathon/stream on the channel to date, with a record 203 peak in viewership during its live broadcast.
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