Sunshine is one of the smallest members of the Star fleet from Bigg City Port.


Sunshine is quick-witted and takes action swiftly without hesitation. He is generally level-headed and cheerful, and takes on most jobs with little complaining. 

Sunshine is a quick thinker and usually works with his best friend, Ten Cents. They have shared many adventures, almost to the extent that it is impossible to imagine one without the other.

Sunshine speaks with a rather soft Newcastle (or Geordie) accent and whistles most of the time when he says a word with s on it, because he is missing some of his front teeth.

Technical Details


Like the rest of the Star Fleet, Sunshine is based on the tugs of San Francisco waters from the 1920s.


Sunshine is painted in the Star Fleet's corporate livery. This consists of a black hull, a yellow superstructure, white mast, and an American flag-styled red, white, and blue funnel. His name is painted on the sides of his bow in white and he has the number "7" on his funnel. He was originally painted in the Salvage Fleet's white livery. He wears a red cap.


Crotoonia's Waterways

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