Strong Bad is Homestar's co-worker and a jack-of-all-trades worker currently living in Crotoonia.


Strong Bad used to live in Free Country, a small community somewhere in the US, with Homestar. He started working on Crotoonia as part of his community service for stuffing party poppers down an engine's funnel on the 4th of July. After he completed his community service, he grew attached to the railways and somewhat made friends with some of the engines so he chose to keep working on the railway (mostly to save up to buy a custom conversion van).


Strong Bad has a case of irascible sarcasm and a rough voice. He also hates to be asked about how he manages to type with boxing gloves on.

Strong Bad has a real dominant personality and he loves to push everyone around, especially Homestar. He does have a soft side but is often very reluctant to show it.

When he's off the clock, his favorite past time is answering emails with a string of hopelessly-obsolete computers that seem to have minds of their own.


  • Strong Bad originated from the Flash animated cartoon series 'Homestar Runner'. Other characters from this series include Homestar and Bubs.
  • Strong Bad's model is a rip of his model in the game series 'Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People'.

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