Steam VS. The Snowstorm is an upcoming two-part Railside Tales special that will debut around Christmas 2019.


"When winter hits Crotoonia far earlier than usual, the railways call in outside help to deal with the increasing traffic. This brings forth Ashima from India and Rebecca from Sodor (along with a couple more friends). When Ashima proves her ingenuity during an emergancy delivery, Sir Allen assembles THE SNOWPLOUGH SQUAD; Crotoonia’s finest ploughers, ready to battle the biggest snowstorm Crotoonia’s seen yet! But when Sidney (another Sodor visitor) gets trapped in the middle of it, can Ashima and Rebecca come to the rescue in time to keep the lines cleared?

Brace yourselves for Crotoonia’s most thrilling winter adventures yet!"



  • This will be the first multi-part episode of Railside Tales produced for the series.


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