Speedy McAllister is a streamlined steam chugger who runs the Cliffstone Centre Quarry.


Speedy McAllister is the tough, no-nonsense streamliner in charge of Cliffstone Centre Quarry, Crotoonia's largest and most active quarry. He's a bit more blunt and gruff compared to the other engines, and does prefer industrial work over leisurely jobs like passengers or tours, but no matter what job he has, he always ensures he does it to the best of his ability and is more than happy to help another engine in need! Don't let his name or streamlining fool you though; he's one of the slower of the Crotoonian engines! But when you think things through like Speedy does, slower can be better!

Technical Details


Speedy appears to be based on New York Central No. 5344 "Commodore Vanderbilt", modified with smoke deflectors and a visible funnel.


Speedy is painted red violet with a light sky blue underbite, and a blue and gold streamlined casting. His cab roof is also painted blue.



  • In Chuggington, his coal was stored forward of the cab, with part of his cab roof being able to slide forward to collect the coal (just like Olwin). In The Railways of Crotoonia, he has a coal bunker behind his cab, which was most likely done for authentic reasons. His water, however, is still stored centrally inside of his boiler.
  • In real life, Speedy would be too large for the British loading gauge.

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