Skylar is a crane "chugger" who assists with construction work on Crotoonia.


Young, energetic, and laid-back, Skylar is often seen around Crotoonia assisting with construction work or repair jobs with other crane engines like Harvey. With a precise and relaxed way of doing things, Skylar always knows just what tools to bring out for the job and enjoys helping out with anything where he is needed! With a shovel claw, a hook winch, and his trusty grapple at the ready, Skylar is there when you're in a tight-spot for track work!

Technical Details


Skylar is of a freelance design and as a result is not based on any specific prototype. However, he seems to be loosely based on a rail ROBEL work crane truck, commonly used in Europe, but also resembles to a Railpower GG20B, hence his cab design.


Skylar's body is yellow and orange with a black footplate. His headlights and windows have red rims. His crane arm is orange and red with a black engine and grabber and there's a gear on the base that is grey and red. His bogeys are black with red steps and gears. Skylar has grey wheels.



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