The first season of The Railways of Crotoonia began on August 21st, 2017. It will contain thirteen half-hour episodes including three half-hour specials and ten regular half-hour episodes (divided into two ten-minute episodes).


Screenshot Title Release date Episode Number/Half-Hour Code Special/Episode
Tillie to the Rescue WIDESCREEN Promo.png
Tillie to the Rescue August 21st, 2017 1/101 Special
Casey Jr's Mail Run header.png
Casey Jr's Mail Run December 22nd, 2017 2/102a Episode
Scene from "Thomas the Buikding Engine".png
Thomas the Building Engine June 29th, 2018 3/102b


Tracy the Harbour Engine December 24th, 2018 4/103a Episode
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.50.45.png
Calamity at Celgreb Bay TBD 5/103b Episode
Megara orig.png
Meg's Headliner Fall 2020 6/104a Episode
Pufle's Produce.png
Pufle's Produce TBD 7/104b Episode
Freight Race.png
Freight Race! TBD 8/105a Episode
Shelbert for railways of crotoonia by duel express-davkgoh.jpg
Shelbert and the Chopper TBD 9/105b Episode
DWWvs cV4AAvo6P.jpg
Passenger Problem TBD 10/106 Special


  • Originally, the season would have consisted of 26 half-hours, but was cut down to thirteen; the remaining thirteen cut from Season 1 will be produced as Season 2.
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