Scoop is a backhoe digger who works for the Crotoonian Construction Company.


The main backhoe digger for the Crotoonian Construction Company, Scoop is usually the leader of the machines on the job when Bob's not around, equipped with the leadership skills to match! He's one of the most mature machines on the team, and helps the team get the jobs done on time!

Technical Details


Scoop appears to be based on an 1989 JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader.


Scoop is painted yellow with black tyres and an orange siren.



  • His model was rigged by Soeren Hermansen.
  • In Thomas the Building Engine, Scoop tells Thomas he hails straight from Bobsville, Sunflower Valley, Fixham and Spring City. All these places are the main locations for each era of the 'Bob the Builder' franchise.
    • Bobsville was the main setting for the original series.
    • Sunflower Valley was from Bob the Builder: Project Build It.
    • Fixham was from Bob the Builder: Ready Steady Build.
    • Spring City was from the Bob the Builder reboot. 
  • Unlike Bob, Muck, Dizzy, & Lofty where their designs are a blend of the original series and the reboot series, Scoop retains his design from both the original series, Project Build It, and Ready Steady Build.
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