Sasha is a little tank engine who lives at Grofflen Harbour. She works on the Crotoonian Seaside Railway.


Originally worked on a branch line far away from Crotoonia in a place near Russia called Daisyland, Sasha is very fond of the lush and green Crotoonian countryside. She is a passionate lover of nature and will always stop by the forest-side junctions and parks when she gets the chance. Unfortunately, her passion for nature will distract her a little bit too much, and will make her very late with her passengers going from the Celgreb Bay to Gridinia Bay Junction! However, she will try his best to keep focused and keep working, but will always use her brakes to stop by the forests and see her friends that live there.

Technical Details


Sasha is of a freelance design and has no specific basis.


Sasha is painted two-tone blue with red wheels, a gold boiler band and a black smokestack trimmed in red.



  • Sasha originated from the Russian cartoon 'The Little Steam Engine from Daisyland'. Unlike in Crotoonia, she had no name and was able to move off the rails moving her wheels like limbs.
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