Russ is a yellow reach-stacker diesel who works at Grofflen Harbour with Skipper Stu, Charlie, Harry and Hamish. He will debut in Meg's Headliner.


Russ is a very funny looking diesel! Like Harvey and Skylar, he's built with a crane arm; although it's not built for the kind of work you'd expect it to be for! Russ' crane is built with special clamps to pick up containers for loading and unloading, making him very odd! Still, he's a very friendly and amicable chap who believes in everyone he meets, and gets on with the day without a fuss!

Technical Details


Russ is of a freelance design. Therefore, he is not based on a specific prototype.


Russ is painted yellow and gold with red and white-outlined linings, as well as a black cab roof and red arrows with white outlines. He also has a few red and white caution stripes on the back and on either side of his container connector.



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