Rishaira is a miniature tank engine.


Rishara is the breakdown engine of the Chipperton and Swahilli Railway. Armed with cranes, scoopers, buckets and lowloader wagons, this massive little tank engine is always set to get her wheels dirty when trouble strikes. Rishaira often takes care of the ploughing on the railway when it snows under, track repair, and helping with construction on the line. If there's ever an rough and tough job around the miniature railways, you'll be sure Rishaira will be there.

Technical Details


Rishaira is based on the minimum-gauge 2-6-4 'Battison', originally from the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway but now situated at the Windmill Farm Railway. Whereas the real Battison is a diesel-hydraulic locomotive with a steam outline, Rishaira is actually powered by steam.


Rishaira is painted in an emerald green livery with red lining and orange boiler bands. She has gold lettering on her side-tanks with the letters 'C&SR'. Her wheels are painted grey with emerald green rims matching her paintwork and she has red coupling rods.




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