Ralph is the grouchy and irritable manager's diesel of the Bluthsburg Steelworks.


A bossy and diminutive diesel shunter, Ralph is the diesel in charge of the Bluthsburg Steelworks. As the Chief’s Engine of the busy facility, Ralph likes to take advantage of this by making himself seem more important than any other engine in the area. The irony is not only is he among the smallest diesels of the entire railway system, but he’s only strong enough to shunt wagons instead of hauling them.

Technical Details


Ralph is based on an Ex-DSB Kof shunter in Scandinavia.


He is labeled number one and works the tip. He has a nameplate that says 'RALPH' with a gold border and yellow text.



  • Ralph was originally going to be part of a fleet of diesels working for Dr Ivo Robotnik.
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