Railside Tales is a spin-off series of The Railways of Crotoonia, which premiered on February 18th, 2018 with two episodes debuting on a DVD release entitled Adventures on the Rail-Road; it later premiered on YouTube on March 9th, 2018 as part of a weekend-long event entitled Crotoonia's Railside Weekend. It was conceptualized by Reuben Hoyle, and initially planned to be "inbetweens" for half-hour blocks of Crotoonia episodes. However, when the original four-to-five minute runtime was increased to six minutes, it became an individual side-series. The series uses the same animation style as regular ten-minute Crotoonia episodes, but is narrated and animated in a "static animation" style reminiscent of early Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends episodes.

Episodes (in production order)

  1. Tillie's Tricky Travels
  2. Diesel's Steel Gang
  3. Beached Wheels
  4. Cheesy Livi
  5. Russ Gets Rollin'
  6. Skipper Express (coming soon)
  7. Audrey's Come to Town (coming soon)
  8. The Treasures of Ten Cents (coming soon)
  9. Steam VS. The Snowstorm (coming soon)
  10. Big City Emma (on hold)


  • The intro music is an instrumental of the Zoboomafoo theme tune.
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