Pufle (also spelled Puffle) is a small tender engine that works at Kahlville Junction.


Puffle, nicknamed "Choo-Choo", is the little shunting engine who lives among the big engines at Tillie's Yard. His main duties are either shunting cars and coaches at Kahlville Junction or pulling trains all around Crotoonia. His destinations range from Duckychev Scrapyards to Cliffstone Centre Quarry, but he doesn't mind. He enjoys traveling and meeting all sorts of different engines and people. He's always ready to help out, even though at times he's a bit bashful around other engines. His favorite area to work on is Windmill Hills (near Greendale Halt), where he sometimes picks up flour from.


He first appeared in Tillie to the Rescue at Kahlville Junction running away from a runaway milk train.

Technical Details


Pufle appears to be based on a Baldwin 0-4-0 Switcher built for numerous railroads across the United States.


Pufle is painted black with red wheels.



  • Pufle originated from the book Choo Choo the Little Switch Engine by Wallace C. Wadsworth, where he was named Choo Choo.

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