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Gridinia Bay Docks is Crotoonia's second busiest harbour, located near the town of Gridinia Bay.


It opened in 1938, following the opening of a rail ferry terminal between Crotoonia and Britain. Gridinia Bay, mostly specializing in coal, is often kept very busy with all the important cargo that comes in-and-out of the country! Construction supplies, fuel, machine parts, and basic freight often come out of here, serving the country and its people. Cranky the Crane works here at the MidPoint Dock, alongside many busy tower and hammerhead cranes working the seaside, while Emma, Oliver, and Diesel take care of the majority of the goods and shunting work. Also based here is JJ Suppliers Company, where Trix the Forklift and Skip the Skip Truck keep busy moving construction materials and waste about for important clients, and the famous ferry dock, where Frank and Eddie the Car Ferries and the massive rail ferries work at, carrying engines and trains between Crotoonia and Pinewood Island, or further away from Crotoonia!

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