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Celgreb Bay Harbour is a huge harbour in the Celgreb region. Salty works here and when in Crotoonia, the Star Fleet and the Big Harbour tugs are stationed here.


Whenever passengers from the mainland and beyond arrive to Crotoonia, the common destination they arrive to by sea is Celgreb Bay Harbour, the largest port in the country since its opening in 1809. With a massive main dock and a warehouse to match, a bustling railway station and bus depot, and many docks and building surrounding it, it's a hub for business and economy on both the waterways and the railways. The port was opened in 1809 during the days of the Embargo Act of 1807. With Boston (a large partner and key part of Crotoonia's development) crippled and out of service, the Crotoonians formed the port as a way of sneaking cargo out to their US neighbors by "accidentally" scheduling deliveries to the US. To this day, with loads of fresh Boston codfish and Chipperton salmon travelling in and out of Crotoonia, it's safe to say they've stayed good business partners to this day.


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