Piper is a cab-forward engine who lives at Gridinia Bay.


Fresh out of the "training yards", Piper is the most innocent out of the Crotoonians. A wide-eyed idealist, Piper sees every new day as magical and is always looking to learn new things from both young and old engines and crew mates. Working at one of Crotoonia's biggest stations may be a tough job, but Piper is always friendly and offering to help anyone who needs any assistance. Piper is also unique for being the only Crotoonian to burn vegetable oil, which makes her quite a standout from other engines, but relegates her work to mainly shunting. Piper is eager to see more of Crotoonia, but it'll take a lot of vegetable oil to do it!

Technical Details


Piper is based on the North Pacific Coast Railroad Cab-Forward 4-4-0 No. 21 "Thomas-Stetson", a rebuild of NPCRR #5 which had been wrecked in 1897. An innovative engine built by Bill Thomas, it is considered the first cab-forward locomotive and was one of the first oil burners, as well as the first locomotive to use a marine boiler.


Piper is painted orange and pink with a black cab roof, and gray wheels.




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