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Pinewood Island is home to a famous theme park resort far off from the East Coast of Crotoonia run by Jack Skellington. The island has a large and extensive railway, and Crotoonians reach this island either by Touchstone Viaduct, or Frank and Eddie. By taking the latter, they come to WestPine Villas, a small resort town for anyone looking to visit certain landmarks at the park. Further on, engines would arrive at Pinewood Island Storage Docks, where there is a small shunting yard to store freight cars and deliveries, with many parts for new/spare rides lined up along the dockside. Passengers who travel by Touchstone Viaduct arrive at Daryhan Station, where a shunting locomotive based on the E2 and other locomotives belonging to the railway reside.

Some of the locomotives working here have been seen on occasion; an engine of Japanese design was seen at Kahlville Junction in Casey Jr's Trick, and the E2 replica (which also services mail runs to and from the island in the morning) has been spotted on several occasions. Johnny's mail train terminates at Gridinia Bay Junction so the mail for the latter can be unloaded and loaded for the return journey.

In early 2019, Milan Prsa has confirmed that several other engines (made from 2014 'Go Go Thomas' models ala Ruth) would be situated on Pinewood Island as well.




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