Peter Sam is a narrow gauge saddle tank engine from The Island of Sodor.


Peter Sam is a bright spark of optimism among the narrow gaugers. A bubbly, somewhat younger engine, he keeps to time working at the quarries and keeps in high spirits as much as he can! Though he may be a little naive and may wish to get back at engines that tease him or stir up a misunderstanding, he remains kind and hard-working to all, and is a dependable engine one can count on!

Technical Details


Peter Sam is based on the Talyllyn Ralway's Edward Thomas, a Kerr Stuart Tattoo Class 0-4-2ST that originally worked on the Corris Railway. Interestingly, Edward Thomas only donned the Giesl ejector funnel for a limited time, while Peter Sam has used his since its introduction. Four other Tattoo locomotives are also preserved, including a replica on the Corris Railway.


Peter Sam is painted dark green with red lining and brass fittings. He has red and gold name and number plates on the sides of his saddle tank and coal bunkers respectively.




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