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Patrick is a large concrete mixer who works for The Crotoonian Construction Co.


Patrick is the big concrete mixer of the crew, who normally works with Dizzy, who mixes up the cement that goes into his concrete mix, Two-Tonne the Cab Unit Truck, who has a special mixing trailer. Patrick knows a fair bit about different kinds of concrete, but this makes him a bit of a boastful soul, sometimes thinking concrete is the most important thing to have on a building site! Nevertheless, he's still a good soul who works hard in keeping things smooth at the site.

Technical Details


Patrick is based on a 1943 Mack NM3 lorry, fitted with a cement mixer. These lorries were made for military use during the Second World War.


Patrick is painted maroon on the top half of his front, and on the front and rear sections of his mixer. He is painted cream on the lower half of his front and on the middle section of his drum.



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