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Oliver is an excavator who works for The Crotoonian Construction Co.


Oliver is a good mannered and hard-working digger; among the most useful for a variety of reasons! Besides being built with a powerful arm and handy caterpillar tracks, Oliver can work in various conditions or jobs with any attachment you give him; a bucket for basic digging, a shear tractor's claw for tearing down old buildings, a wrecking ball for basic demolition, and a drill for precise digging. He rarely gets impatient with the other machines and is always willing to assist younger machines.

Technical Details


Oliver's exact basis is unknown and may be a freelance design. His design seems to be inspired by various tracked excavators, such as the 1976 Caterpillar 235.

Additionally, is hull resembles to that of the Russian KV series of Tanks. Oliver even rotates from the same location as the turret ring of the aforementioned tank.


Oliver is painted brown with a pale green panel on his back and his number painted on him in red. Oliver has the cap rim of a builder's hat between his forehead and cab windows.


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