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Old Puffer Pete is an old tank engine who is the codgerly chief engine of the Celgreb City Freight Depot.


Old Puffer Pete is the codgerly chief engine of the Celgreb City Freight Depot, Crotoonia's largest and busiest export and import center. He still needs to get used to plenty of new names in Crotoonia, which he often bodges up with newcomers or younger engines (as seen in Casey Jr's Mail Run when he calls Casey Jr "Glazey Jr" and "Goisy Jr"). However he's a hard working and dependable engine who often passes down his wisdom to newcomers. Just don't be around when he goes off for hours on end about "the old days"; he's been around for over 150 years!


Pete was seen at Cliffstone Mountains where he almost crashed into Casey Jr. When Casey Jr tells him what just happened, he tells Casey Jr that he knew how it felt to try something new and he told Casey that he can't be too over confident or too under confident when doing something new. Casey Jr then offered to take his crate to be shipped to the UK.

Technical Details


Old Puffer Pete appears to be a freelance design, with no real known locomotive prototype. However, his design does bare some resemblance to the Japanese Baldwin 4-4-0 D8, and a DRG Class 62, but cut down to a 4-4-0.


Old Puffer Pete is painted black with gold-painted areas, and a red cab roof, buffer beam, and window frames. His wheels are also gold with red spokes.


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