Night Run was the cancelled pilot episode for The Railways of Crotoonia.


The night runs on the line from Crotoonia's two major cities, Celgreb and Rotoslopia, are done by Thomas, the enthusiastic tank engine of the branch lines of the Great Crotoonian Railway who handles the run's light freights, Big Old Rusty, the elderly and wise mixed traffic engine who takes the Nighttime Local, Diesel 10, the rude and mischievous railway's heavy duty cleanup engine taking care of both goods and clearing the line, and Cerberus, the mean and bullying mountain freighter alongside Big Pete the Red Engine in charge of heavy goods. When Cerberus and D10 get bored of their usual duties and decide to wander off on "The Great Cliffstone Mountain Ridge" line, they get an unexpected ride down SteamWhistle Summit's rollercoaster-esque rails when they head up to it's winching grounds. 


  • It is revealed that Crotoonia United Rail was originally going to be called Great Crotoonian Railway.
  • It is unknown that the location SteamWhistle Summit is going to be part of Crotoonia.
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