Nigel is a transport truck who works for The Crotoonian Construction Co.


Nigel is one of the newest machines in The Pack. He's a transporter like Nelson, but he can only carry some of the building materials and smaller machines, as opposed to the huge machines Nelson pulls. Nigel has a gentlemanly way of doing things around the site, often acting like a chauffeur towards the small machines he moves about, and treating everyone around him with great respect.

Technical Details


Nigel is based on a 1948 Bedford-Scammell O-series lorry.


Nigel is painted green and cream with white and red lining.


  • Like the other 'Jack and the Pack' members, Nigel was first developed as a character in the 'Thomas and Friends' spinoff 'Jack and the Sodor Construction Company'. However he was the only one that didn't make it into any scripts.