Nelson is a transport lorry who works for The Crotoonian Construction Co.


Nelson is the transporter of the Crotoonian Construction Company. The job of this handy ballast tractor is to move the heavier machines in the yard over to the site where they're needed urgently. He's often a little overworked with hauling such heavy loads, but he never complains. Though he's not one to complain, he's often the first to comment when things are going wrong on the building site. Nelson is clever, wise, and intelligent, and always ready to get to work!

Technical Details


Nelson's front strongly resembles a Scammell 15LA ballast tractor. His rear resembles a 1927 Scammell Pioneer tractor unit.


Nelson is painted black with cream and red lining, red wheel alloys and front beam. He has his name painted above his cab windows and has the number "10" painted on his cab doors, both in cream.


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