Ned is a steam shovel who works for The Crotoonian Construction Co.


Ned the Wheeled Steam Shovel is a bit of a "bumble-bucket" when it comes to work. He's got a big bucket and a big heart, but is a little clumsy whenever he's out on a job. Sometimes his bucket's a little TOO full, he doesn't watch where he's going, or he just ends up making a little mistake. However, he's still a valuable and irreplaceable member of the crew, as shown by the immense amounts of stone and rubble and other materials he can shift with his shovel and his kind-hearted ways.

Technical Details


Ned is based on a Erie Type B Steam Shovel sharing features with a Thew Type O Steam Shovel (early 20th Century). Mary-Anne is also based on this.


Ned is painted two-tone orange with a grey roof and bucket, and a brown arm and chassis. The number "19" and the words "Sodor Construction Company" are painted on his sides in yellow.


  • Ned is the only Sodor Construction Company member that has a drawn face.

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