There are a wide variety of music videos that have been produced for The Railways of Crotoonia. Most of these are songs from Thomas and Friends.

Roll Along


  • This was the first proper Crotoonia video ever produced.
  • Milan Prsa showed an early version of this music video in a talent show in his Grade 9 spring semester; much more of the video relied on stock footage (as Tillie was not built at this point in time), and there were many other rougher versions of sets and characters were showcased.

It's Christmas Time

We Make A Team Together


  • This is the highest-viewed Crotoonia video to date, at a total of over 1.1 million views.

Christmas Vacation


  • This song is from the movie 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' and sung by Mavis Staples.
  • This is the first music video not to feature a song from the Thomas and Friends series.

Let's Go

Night Train

That's What Friends Are For


  • The tune served as the theme song for a little-known British cartoon called 'Dawdle the Donkey'.

Nothing Can Stop Us Now


  • This is the first music video to have been produced as a promotion for an episode or special; in this case, Tillie to the Rescue.

Set Friendship In Motion

Summer Holiday

Curve of the World

Growing Up

Easy Goin' Day

All You Need is Friends!

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Troublesome Trucks

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Tillie's Seaside Trip

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  • The song is a cover of Percy's Seaside Trip from Thomas & Friends.
    • The cover also uses the instrument synth from Theodore Tugboat.
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