Muck is a self-loading dump truck who works for The Crotoonian Construction Co.


Muck is the energetic self-loading dump truck of the Crotoonian Construction Company. A strong red machine with a love for getting mucky, "Muck by name, and Muck by nature!" He's friendly, though a little naughty at times, often refusing to take baths (unless he feels like it).

Technical Details


Muck appears to be based on a Caterpillar tracked dump truck with an added bulldozer blade.


Muck is painted all-over red.


  • Muck's design in Crotoonia is a hybrid of his appearance in both the original 'Bob the Builder' series and the reboot. He has the same basic proportions of his original design only he is bulkier and wider and has the dumper hydraulics, like he did in the reboot.
  • In Crotoonia, Muck is male like he was in the UK dub. However, in the U.S dub of the original series, Muck was portrayed as a female character.