Mrs. Carina Ella is the directing manager of the Fantasyland and Fairytale Railway Traction Company Limited.


Mrs. Ella is a widely respected figure, acting as a motherly figure to the engines of the line. She will give out her sympathy to her engines in need, but will always be stern with troublemakers on the line. She's well known for her skill in figuring out tough problems along the railway. You could have a traffic jam at the Freight Yard and she'd be able to get it cleared in a jiff! Though she does tend to get a little caught up in the workload every now and then, and she does have to balance rail-work and other duties in Crotoonia, Mrs. Ella is always ready and prepared!


An experienced woman of the rails, Carina Ella began her life on the railway as a cleaner stationed at the now-defunct Gridinia Slate Company Sheds. Her main job was to clean out the stacks and fireboxes of the steam engines that worked the original Kahlville and Gridinia Railway, resulting in her nickname among fellow engineers "Cinderella". She soon grew fascinated with railway management, especially after being given the chance of driving one of the oldest engines on the line, and soon rised from stationmaster at Celgreb Central to being placed in charge of the "Fantasyland and Fairytale Railway Traction Company Ltd." lines in May 2005; a remarkable feat for a young woman working on the railway!


  • Mrs. Ella originated from a 1994 Cinderella adaptation by Jetlag Productions.


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