Montana is a big and strong American express engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


In Tillie to the Rescue, Montana woke up to find he is to take a goods train around the region. He later met Calley at Celgreb Central where the anxious express engine was comforted by Calley who told him that his usual duties will be covered until he was done. However, his train ended up getting delayed because he and his crew forgot to pick up a set of flatbeds for Gridinia Bay. Due to this, he was just late enough to arrive at Great Wolf Junction to see Gordon and Farnsworth racing to a set of faulty points. He tried to warn them but not soon enough for he could not prevent the two crashing into each other. Desperately trying to avoid the crash, he ended up hitting points against him (not helped by the heavy freight train) and ultimately came off the rails himself. When Calley arrived on the scene with the breakdown gang and asked what happened, Montana took the blame but Calley told him it was a dozing signalman's fault. A few days later, while Tillie gets rewarded for saving the day, Montana was seen in his shed getting repaired.


An older, safety-keen streamlined locomotive with a fine blue, orange, and yellow livery, Montana is always looking over the crew like a proud and concerned dad, always warning them "Bewa-aaa-re! Take ca-aaaa-re!". His main job is running the Fairytale Arrow, an express train running from Pinewood Island to Celgreb City to the United States!

Technical Details


Montana seems to be a hybrid cross between a NYC Mercury and a Union Pacific Forty-Niner.


Montana is navy blue with turquoise wheels, a bright blue cowcatcher and running board, bright yellow railings and tender lining, an orange funnel and orange front cab windows.



  • Montana originates from the Fleischer Bros. 1936 cartoon, Play Safe.
    • Unlike in the aforementioned cartoon above, Montana's mouth was modified to make it easier to animate; the same design was used in Soeren Hermansen's earlier project, Casey Jr. & Friends. With this said, Soeren Hermansen was also responsible for naming him Montana.
  • Montana occasionally resides in his own shed near Platform 1 at Kahlville Junction.
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