Besides Ruth and the island's E2, there are several other engines working on Pinewood Island, including two twin tank engines, a tender engine and a tram engine as well.

Technical Details

The twins are 0-4-0 saddle tank engines. They have a slight difference from each other, aside from having their pistons at the back. While their sides have slopes going up to a flat top, one twin has their go straight up instead of the other. The tender engine is mostly based off the L&YR Class 28 only with his tender more elongated and given an extra pair of wheels. The tram engine is based off the J70 steam tram, only more longer than usual and fitted with two pairs of leading wheels. Overall, all engines have been fitted with knuckle couplings at both ends.


The pinewood tram wears an orange livery with blue framing, their cowcatchers painted in yellow and black hazard stripes, and the Pinewood Island logo on the sides.


  • Like Ruth, the engines are all modified versions of Percy, James, and Toby's 2014 models from the 'Go Go Thomas' app.
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