There have been lots of steam engines seen all around Crotoonia.

The Blue Comet

The Blue Comet was a named passenger engine that operated on the Central Railroad of New Jersey from 1929 to 1941 between the New York metropolitan area and Atlantic City.


The Blue Comet is painted blue with yellow stripes.


It's basis CNJ G3s 4-6-2 but without a tender instead of with tender

MThB No.3/The 'Anastasia' Engine

MThB No. 3 is a passenger engine who works in Celgreb City Freight Yards and Coach Yards.


MthB no. 3 is painted Green and Grey, as it was in the origin film.


It's based on real loco but however, the MThB no. 3 was used as the prototype for the locomotive in the animated 20th Century Fox motion picture Anastasia, where it was given the appearance of a Soviet Union continental locomotive numbered 2747.

High Harrington Ironworks Neilson 0-4-0ST

This engine was the same basis from Samson who appeared in Crotoonia Shoots.


The engine is painted teal, the same color from Samson.


Like Samson, the engine was based on the real locomotive.
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