Melissa is a heavy goods engine that lives at Kahlville Junction.


An engine formally owned by the Sudden Pacific Railroad, Melissa raced against T.J. many years ago for a contract with the Slate Franchise. Despite the rivalry of the drivers (and Melissa being wrecked in the process), the two get along alot better nowadays then you would imagine! The two hold a friendly rivalry, often racing whenever teamed up with freight work around the railway! She's the more impulsive of the two, however, and her headstrong nature can sometimes lead to trouble!

Technical Details


Melissa seems to be of a freelance design. Therefore, she is not based on a specific prototype.


Melissa has a hot pink boiler with light yellow lining, along with a bright blue cab, cowcatcher, pistons and tender. Her cowcatcher and pistons have light yellow lining. Her buffer beam is bright red with bright and dark blue wheels and her face is light grey.



  • Melissa originated from the 1940 Popeye cartoon 'Onion Pacific' where she had her race with T.Jerry. She was faceless and nameless in said cartoon. Her driver was Bluto, Popeye's rival.

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