Max and Monty are twin dump trucks who work for the Crotoonian Construction Co.


Max and Monty are the reckless twins of the company crew. These two dump trucks are mischievous and cause a lot of trouble for the other machines on site. They love to race around, but often forget to follow rules, conduct, and safety regulations, leaving quite a bit of disaster in their wake! Often times, they end up scolded by Bob, Wendy or Miss Jenny, or end up doing themselves in through their failure to watch where they're going!

Technical Details


Max and Monty are based on 1949 Scammell Mountaineer 4-wheel drive dump trucks.


Max and Monty are painted red with grey dumpers. Their numbers are painted on the sides of their cabs in white. Max has a thick front bumper, whilst Monty has a "two pipe-type" front bumper.


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